Chanell’s Visit to Nobilis Health’s Marketing Department

February 14, 2015

Chanell Jones, a student from Texas State University, reached out to Nobilis Health to learn more about our integrated marketing department. Read below to read about Chanell’s experience.

Nobilis Health Marketing Campain

“My name is Chanell Jones, and I’m a senior at Texas State University. I’m majoring in mass communications with a focus in advertising, and I have a minor in business. Even though I’ve chosen a major, I don’t know exactly where I want to be in the industry. I’m in Women Communicators of Austin in school, and I got ahold of my counselor and told her I wanted to job shadow during the Christmas break to get an idea of where I want to be. We found Marissa Deslatte through LinkedIn and emailed her. Marissa graciously responded and was very excited to show me around Nobilis Health, as well as the ins and outs of advertising and media.

Today, I learned a little bit more about media planning—the traditional media versus the digital media. This day reinforced what I learned in school, but it was great to see the work done in the real world, instead of just reading it in a book. I liked that all the marketing positions at Nobilis Health work together.

Career-wise, I learned some very helpful tips. Try not to fidget in interviews, get as much internship experience as possible, etc. I learned that I should get experience in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and as much relevant software as possible, so that I can showcase it on my resume.

I loved that everyone at Nobilis seemed very passionate, and it was a good environment. The employees seemed very upbeat, which I’m sure carries over into the surgical environment and makes patients feel calm and welcome. The building and environment were very nice, and I would feel comfortable having surgery here. I was very interested in the recent merger with Nobilis and Athas Health and how the company is growing so quickly. I’m thankful that the marketing team at Nobilis opened their doors to me for a day so that I could get a real life view of a marketing department.”


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