A Letter to Our Employees From Dr. Kramer

December 12, 2014


Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving and I would like to reflect upon the impact that we have had upon each other.

2014 has been an enormously positive year for Northstar. I take tremendous pride that our entire organization is committed to creating an outstanding patient experience. Our patient satisfaction ratings are consistently “superior” in every site of service. Northstar’s employees collaborate with each other in an environment of trust and purpose. A number of Northstar’s managers have heard me say, “You get the team you deserve.” I believe that the team I have is more than I deserve. For that I give thanks.

As a result of your commitment we have attracted several partners who have chosen to grow their healthcare business on the Northstar platform. In 2014 we have added an MRI center and an urgent care clinic. Our surgical centers in Houston and in Dallas have seen tremendous growth as surgeons have recognized the great service that we provide to their patients. Our surgical center in Scottsdale has a great team and a growing number of patients. The surgeons at First Street Hospital and First Street Surgical Center have partnered with us and Northstar’s surgeons now have a wonderful hospital that can care for their patients on an inpatient basis. For that, too, I am thankful.

Northstar’s investors are showing confidence in our future as reflected in the value of our publically traded stock. We have responded by continuing to look for ways we can increase the value of their trust which is allowing our company to continue its growth. I want to take this opportunity to announce that Athas Healthcare has joined the Northstar Healthcare family. Athas is the parent company of North American Spine and Migraine Treatment Centers and their corporate offices are in Dallas. Athas partners with premier physicians in Dallas, Houston, Scottsdale and beyond to offer innovative solutions to those who suffer from chronic back pain or headaches. This relationship will allow the Athas patients to receive their medical care at Northstar’s centers. The mission and values at Athas are entirely consistent with ours. Chris Lloyd, the CEO at Athas is a visionary leader who has developed a “high touch” concierge level of service for Athas patients. As a combined company, Athas and Northstar will more resources to offer a patient experience that is second to none.

I have been serving as both Chairman and CEO at Northstar since 2010. I will remain as the Chairman and Chris will serve as the CEO. We will operate as Northstar Healthcare Inc. and continue with our public listing. Northstar soon be listing its shares onto the very prestigious New York Stock Exchange, and changing its name to Nobilis Health. As our company’s Chairman, I will continue to focus upon our organization’s business development. You may not notice any change in the work that I do. Chris Lloyd, as CEO, and Harry Fleming, as President, will have oversight of the combined company and develop a joint strategy for its growth and future. I want to give thanks to all of you who have invested yourselves into creating an organization of which I am eminently proud. I think that 2015 should be another great year.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a few minutes to remember those who are less fortunate than us or those in our lives who are suffering. The work that we do is a testament to the trust which has been placed into our hands, at home or at work, for which our efforts can have enormous impact. Please have a wonderful and safe holiday season.


Donald Kramer, M.D.
Chairman of Nobilis Health